Sunday, September 7, 2008

England.. player problem or manager problem

England managed to beat Andorra by just two goals last evening in a match many predicted would end in 5, 6, 7 -0. Managers have come and gone over the years for England with no success in achieving what many expect a nation of this statue should achieve. Football analyst and fans sometimes blame the players, others blame the managers...who is really to blame.

I feel that the managers are not really to blame and that the main blame should be on the fact that England don't produce enough flair player who have the skill and "ginger" to have those "moment of brilliance" normally since by the Argentinean , Brazilian, French and other teams. The only such flair player in the squad is Joe Cole, who incidentally got both goals in the match. Gerrard and Lampard are both great players but don't have the skill and charisma to move the team forward as they do with their respective clubs.

That is my reason, i would like to hear what you readers think, the players or the manager who is to blame?

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tanuj lakhina said...

I think its to do with both.
Players don't gel as much as they do for their clubs because they play more for their clubs than they do for their national sides.And irrespective of what the players say,the national team doesn't matter to them as much as the clubs do.Its visible on the pitch and in their attitude towards the game.
Managers are supposed to get the most out of the players and sadly so the England's managers aren't able to do that.Wonder who would be able to or like Italy,if any manager would gather the guts to drop big names from the team like Lippi did by dropping Del Piero and others.