Sunday, July 8, 2012

RVP's next stop

The Arsenal captain has confirmed that he would not renew his contract with Arsenal which leds to the question, where next for the Dutch forward? Staying is still an option but would that be healthy for the club come the new season? Wenger purchasing players like Giroud and Podolski has not convinced Van Persie. He stated that there's a difference between him and Wenger in the way forward for Arsenal. Well let's weigh up his options.

Manchester City have been known to have a keen eye on Van Persie so too are Barcelona who are now showing more interest since his revelation concerning his future was made public. Man City have players who he might be friends with from his Arsenal days sure as Nasri and Clichy which should help him settle in well plus an ambition matched with that of the Club. Also he is sure to earn nearly double what he gets at Arsenal FC.

Barcelona might not be a bad option too but the competition for starting places are much with players such as Messi and David Villa in the central attacking role and Sanchez, Pedro who are younger and more adept to the Barcelona style on the flanks. Juventus also have a strong interest in the forward as they look to defend their Serie A this coming season, they are in search for a world class striker and RVP fits the bill. The Serie A has also been known to favour older players hence RVP's career might just be beginning if he heads over to Turin barr any long term injuries. A surprise move to Old Trafford should not be off the cards as Sir Ferguson is an admirer of the striker but the wrath of Arsenal fans might be too much for him to consider a move there.

To me, i feel he is not of appreciative of the faith and patience that Arsenal and particularly Wenger have shown to him through all the injury ridden seasons during his stay (well he's still there for now) at the club he claims to love. Its his choice anyway, a choice that has dragged Wenger back a bit just as the departures of Fabregas and Nasri did. Where would be the best destination for RVP? Please drop your comments