Monday, November 14, 2011

World champions sink to Stoke city emm...England

Just a friendly it might have seemed but I tell you the victory was something even the English fans didn't expect. England put in a display esp defensively which they hope can help them win the Euro championship. Tackles might have flown but the defending was importantly very good against a side that nearly always scores against opponents. Praise would be going to Capello for a tactical masterpiece even without Rooney in the game and John Terry a very influential defender.

Just hope the English team the best.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Life after Nasri and Fabregas

An 8 - 2 drubbing of Arseanal by Manchester United signalled trouble for the Gunners to compete at the highest level after the loss of arguably their best two players. Some signing have tried getting the team by on track and with the current form of van Persie Arsenal fans are getting a bit of hope back. Can they really compete with the likes of Barcelona and AC Milan? The answer is yet to be this space for updates. Feel free to also drop a comment