Thursday, May 3, 2012

Hala Madrid!! New Spanish champions

Real Madrid yesterday won the Spanish La Liga with a win over Atheltic Bilbao. The newly crowned champions still have two games in the season but with a seven point led over Barcelona the league is mathematically theirs. It hasn't been an easy run for them after they nearly squandered their ten point league over Barcelona with a run of poor results. But a win at the Camp Nou two weeks ago gave them that breathing space they needed.

They worked hard and were resilient enough to win the league and end the dominance of Barcelona. For me i would say they deserved it after so much investment and persistence. Maybe today's football world really needs money for success as Man City seem to have clinched the league with much investment also. Did Madrid deserve the league? Are they now at par or better than Barca? Is Mourinho right calling them one of the greatest teams in football? Please share your comments

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