Thursday, April 5, 2012

el Spanish dominion de Europe

Mind my poor Spanish (the title). Tonight saw all the Spanish side in the Europa league qualify for the semi's. Also last two day in the Champions league we witnessed the same dominance. What has propelled Spanish teams into so much success this season, a league which is constantly and rightly said to be dominated by two teams has seen other clubs in the league performing well in Europe.

Athletic Bilbao crushed Manchester United which was supposedly a contender for the cup on their way to the semi's resoundingly. They took apart a resilient Schalke side also in what was to me the fixture of the round over both legs.
Valencia and Athletico Madrid have also impressed in this competition and would now battle each other out in the next round.

Could it be that the Spanish league is becoming the strongest in the world? Emmm I like the EPL and would argue about the competitiveness among the teams in it but in Europe they have failed to perform. This season could very like see an all Spanish finals in both the Europa league and Champions league. Also on the back of being world champions it is quite clear that Spain is taking the world of football by storm.

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Anonymous said...

Man city is winning this league.